Tactical Laser Tag

This is not the fog machine arena laser tag.  This experience is more comparable with Airsoft and Paintball.  Come and experience the most advanced laser tag - High Trek Laser Tag

What is Tactical Laser Tag?

Tactical Laser Tag does not have the same limitations as the traditional indoor space alien style of laser tag with the black lights and glowing backpacks. Rather, we can play outside in broad daylight or at night, with ranges up to 600ft. The advanced laser tag gear has variable hit damage, range, sound effects, and reverberation depending on what we set the weapon type to. Our equipment is simply the most advanced system on the market today, fulfilling the High Trek objective to always invest in the best technology in recreational entertainment.

High Trek Tactical Laser Tag is Superior

At High Trek you are going to experience team activities that more closely correlate to what the military would train for, providing a more real life experience that many have reinacted thru games like Call of Duty and Rainbow 6 or other advanced games using military tactics. At High Trek, we bring these first person shooter games to life so you can "live the game".

Multiple Mission Types

High Trek does not play the same game over and over like most laser tag companies. We have over 25 different mission types that are suitable for players of all ages. Various difficulty levels ensure that players of all skill levels will be entertained and challenged from start to finish. We will tailor and select missions that fit the dynamic and size of your group.

Team Focused Gameplay

Traditional laser tag is a “free for all” type game and there is no point to the game other than to score the most points. Tactical Laser Tag is a team based game in which teamwork is essential and mission objectives change between missions to keep the game fresh and exciting.

Field Size and Variety

Similar to the US military, our "taggers" work great in any environment which provides a lot of flexibility in game play. We plan to develop permanent themed fields that could include "farm/hay field, wooded, military base, junk yard, indoor commercial, or barn style. There is no limit to the venue concepts and with our mobile laser tag division, we can bring the games to your venue (home, work, gym, field, etc.)

Personalized Avatar

While our tactical laser tag sport offers a great team activity so you can share in the joy of victory or the sting of defeat with friends, we also do not neglect your individual skill development. Download the Call Sign app and create an account for your real life avatar where we will record your statistics, you can level up and receive coveted bonuses for your accomplishments. It will keep running totals for when you come and visit us again.

Mission Examples

Many Mission types can be played in a team mode or free for all mode.

  1. KING OF THE HILL - The objective is to be the team to get 300 points first, or the most points when time expires. To gain points players must locate and protect the Hill Box in the middle of the battlefield. As players maintain their positions near the Hill box, they gain 3 points for every 3 seconds they are near the box and still alive.
  2. CAPTURE THE FLAG - Much likee your conventional game of capture the flag, but in our version there is no physical flag. When you reach the enemys base you fire at the controll box to pickup the flag and then your headband will start flashing. Now simply return to your base with out dying.
  3. SNIPERS - The objective is to get the most kills, however Kinetic Sniper Rifle is the only weapon available. One shot will result in a kill, however if you miss you have a 3+ second reload and you better take cover during reload.
  4. TEAM VIP - The objective is to kill your opponents Very Important Person. Once the VIP is killed the game will end.  
  5. ASSAULT - The red team most capture 3 control objectives in sequence and the blue team must defend the objectives until the time expires. The each control point gets further from red team's spawn point and closer to the blue teams spawn point making the objective more difficult for red as they get closer to the end of the mission.
  6. DOMINATION - The objective is to capture the Domination Box by shooting the box. Once the box is captured, it will illuminate with the capturing team's color. The team will receive 5 points for every 3 seconds they maintain control of the box. After capturing the team does not need to stay in close proximity to the box in order to maintain control, but instead defend the box from the enemy.
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