Seattle Paintball vs. Laser Tag - Which sport is superior ?

Its time to un-mask the champ.  We'll discuss guns, games / skirmishesHave you ever wondered which of these two sports is more popular and actively sought out among adrenaline junkies, Paintball or Laser Tag?  Here is an in depth comparison of several aspects of laser tag and paintball so you can decide which activity is superior.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Laser Tag & Paintball

Paintball can get a bit messy with the splatter and fragments, making indoor paintball. For this and various other reasons, it is more difficult to find an indoor paintball facility or arena. On the otherhand, laser tag is probably found more commonly indoors rather than outdoors. Yet, most would agree, that if the weather is nice, that both laser tag and paintball are more commonly preferred to be played outside. Both paintball and laser tag can be played in less than ideal conditions but when it is pooring, there is a risk to the electrical components in laser tag equipment. For this reason, laser tag gets the win for indoors and paintball gets a slight edge on the outdoors.

Cost of Laser Tag vs. Paintball Equipment

Looking for taggers or guns for sale?  Some of the latest laser tag guns are very High Tech and cost as much or more than many paintball guns but they are most commonly rented for a nominal fee. Also, even though paintball guns may be cheaper, the paintball dye, co2 air, paintball tanks, as well as the safety equipment can add up quickly, even if you shop at Walmart.  So the difference of unlimited lasers (with such great battery life these days) vs. constantly filling up your hoppers, Laser Tag gets the win over Paintballing on the cost analysis.

Appeal and Popularity of Paintball vs. Laser Tag

Although there are many fans of airsoft, in general, the sport does not enjoy the generational support that laser tag does.  One reason for this is that paintball is more dangerous and so laser tag can be enjoyed at a younger age.  Also, laser tag has a more broad appeal, especially amongst females, yet getting hit with a high velocity paintball hurts whether you are a dude or a gal!

Paintball Locations vs. Laser Tag Locations

Looking on Google for laser tag or paintball near me or near Seattle?  Paintball is most commonly used on a larger field or in the woods which can provide a fantastic experience.  That said, some people prefer to play on safer terrain, without the risk of a poison ivy or spider bite risk.  In the Seattle area, there are paintball and laser tag locations in Tukwilla, Graham, Sports Arena, Mill Creek, Kirkland, Mt. Lake Terrace, and on the Eastside of King County.

Paintball Games vs. Laser Tag Games

Everybody likes a good skirmish to determine who rules the Empire.  Many laser tag arenas are permanent while game setup for paintball includes the setup of markers.  Both paintball sniper rifles and laser tag sniper games are fantastic.  There are some extreme paintball wars with grenades and such but with the rise of video games and the rapid infusion of a variety of tagger capabilities, 

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