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Mobile Laser Tag Events

We will bring the game to your indoor our outdoor location. No additional charge within 30 miles of Mill Creek. 
14 Taggers are included.

Indoor Events

We can do an event in a gym, church, covered area, recreation facility, or any other indoor open space. We recommend a minimum of 2400sqft and about 180sqft per player for larger events.

Outdoor Events

This might include wooded forest, a public park, sports field, farm, or any other venue you have access to.  You pick the location or ask us about some known locations in your area.

Outdoor Field Options

  1. Pre-Existing Field - The space that you have available needs no field setup. This could be a wooded area or any other space that has enough natural cover that would make the game possible.
  2. Speed Field - this field setup consists of our PVC bunkers that vary in size. They setup quickly and break down just as fast. These require a foot print of about 40 feet x 80 feet minimum. We can place these bunkers in a gym, open turf field, or any other flat surface you have.

Mobile battle field events include:

Staffed Event

Our staff will be with you throughout your event and facilitating your missions. We will work with you to select the missions and scenarios you would like to play.

Two hour event time

This time includes your training and transitions between missions. In 2 hours you can usually do 6 or 7 missions. Setup and breakdown are not included in this time.

12 Players Included

Each Mobile event includes enough equipment for 12 people. You can rotate people in or you can add additional taggers for an extra cost. We can go up to 30 taggers at a mobile event.

Pre-Existing Field Package

$350 - 12 Laser Taggers, No Bunkers, 2-hr Event

Mobile Party Package
Speed Field

For the coolest party experience, invite High Trek to bring the game to your home, park, gym, barn, office.... or any place you can imagine (80' X 40' minimum)

Base Package


2 Hr session includes 12 Taggers and approximately 90 minutes of game time
Also includes 8 barricades (good for 8-12 players)

Additional Taggers


Up to 10 more taggers can be added to the base package.
Note: More taggers may require more space to spread out.

Additional Barricades


When more than 14 participants at a time, we can add 6 additional barricades to the field/arena.

Extended Play


Time flys when you're having fun - Extend your party for $50 per half hour, $75 per hour.

We are available 7-days a week by appointment.

Please feel free to contact us and we will help schedule an unforgetable laser tag event for you.

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