Youth Tactical Laser Tag League

For ages 11-14 years old. Leagues kicks off May 4th.
Located at Paine Field Community Park

Our Spring League Registration is now open!

Laser Tag League for Middle Schoolers: $100

Enjoy 4 Weeks of intense laser tag league gameplay. We will be meeting every Wednesday at 4pm, May 4th. These 90 Minute Sessions run from 4-5:30pm. For ages 11-14 years old.

Laser Tag League

Our Laser Tag League will give your child the opportunity to play a lot of laser tag. The games we play consist of various missions that aim to challenge your child to use strategy and teamwork while incorporating physical activity.

If your child is typically disinterested in organized sports and is falling into habits that include a lack of exercise and anti-social behavior, then our program might be a good fit for your child. Or, maybe your child is looking for a sport that is all inclusive and promotes teamwork and communication like no other sport that exists today… then your search is over.

Our TLTL (Tactical Laser Tag League) is unlike any other organized sport… It taps into the already massive video game industry but adds a level of exercise that most “couch commandos” do not get. We call it “exertainment”. Many of the parents of our middle school players have approached us during a league season expressing their excitement that our program has gotten their kids off the couch, and away from FORTNITE and Call of Duty… allowing them to play with their peers and get some much-needed exercise. With childhood obesity on the rise, and the interest in organized sports on the decline… there has never been a better time for us to introduce a new exciting option that overcomes the challenges needed to attract players into our programs.

Season Format:

We learned a lot in our first two seasons of Laser Tag League and just like the video games, we have made a few changes to our league to improve the experience.
First, We have reduced the number of players in a session to 20 players which means 4 teams and ensures that all players will get plenty of play time. We also are limiting the number of league rounds per week allowing time for free play and allowing the kids to pick their favorite games to play at the end of the sessions.

Laser Tag Teams

Each laser tag team will be made up of 4-5 players depending on the number of total registrations in the league. Teams will stay together over the entire season. Teams will receive currency each week that each team can use to upgrade their taggers or purchase other advantages for each match. Teams must budget and plan how they would like to spend their currency during the session.

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