Join our Tactical Laser Tag League!

Build your team of 6-10 players and signup by completing our Laser Tag League Signup Form.  Also use this form if you are a large group and want to sign-up multiple teams and note the total player count in the form.  Some of you may just be interested in some pickup games or just want to hear more about our league.  If that is you, fill out our Laser Tag League Interest Form.

About High Trek Laser Tag League

Our laser tag format has broad appeal for both men and women, young people and older adults, making this a great activity for many. It includes all the fun of paintball, but without the painfull projectiles. The league works similar to the way a softball, kickball, or bowling league would work.  A Laser Tag League season would consist of 5 head to head matches over a 5-7 week period.  Each match would last between an hour and hour and a half. There will be specific evenings and time slots for matches to be scheduled and we will work with your team to fit slots that work with your schedule.  Our field is outdoors and if you want to win, it will require significant amount of physical activity.

Laser Tag Teams

Each laser tag team will be made up of 6-10 players (ages 15+). Up to 6 players from each team will be on the field for any given game. If you have additional players, you'll be able to rotate them in, giving everyone a good bit of playing time while keeping your team fresh and maximizing team performance. When signing up, you can signup a whole team or let us know if you want to join an existing team.  Build your own team or signup as a free agent and we will try to place you on a team.

League Match Format

League Matches will consist of a series of 4 - head to head games. If a team wins 3 or 4 of those games, then they are the match winner. In the case of a 2-2 tie, there will be a sudden death team death match tie-breaker game to decide the match winner.  At least a week prior to each match the team captains/organizers will be provided the Game Modes along with rules that apply for the upcoming match to allow teams time to build their strategies.  Each match will consist of 2 different game modes that will be played 2 times and will switch sides each game to provide balanced play.   Game modes will include, but not limitted to: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and Domination.

League Season Pricing

A League Season will include 5 league matches for $500 when paid in one payment for the group (This is as little as $50 per player on a 10-person team).  Individual free agent registrations will cost $75 per person.

Interested In Joining an upcoming League?

When you submit our League interest form we will communicate with you about future Laser Tag League opportunities.

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