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Laser Tag 
Equipment Rentals

What is included with our Equipment Rental.

You will receive 10 Taggers equipped with Red Dot scopes and 10 bluetooth headsets.  You will also receive chargers if you are renting the equipment for multiple days.  The equipment can usually play for 8+ hours without recharging.

Pricing for Renting Taggers

Use the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a rental.

1 Day Rental


Rent 10 Laser Tag Guns and Chargers for up to 24 Hours.

2 Day Rental


Rent 10 Laser Tag Guns and Chargers for up to 48 Hours.

Additional Days


Value Price for additional days of rental beyond 2 Days.


We will provide a laminated instruction sheet for you to fully operate your laser tag event.

Field Setup

How you set up your laser tag battlefield is only limited by your imagination.  Trees and bushes make great natural bunkers, especially in areas where the ground cover is limited and you can easily move from tree to tree.  Or construct your own make-shift bunkers with boxes or other readily available materials or objects.

Number of Players

We provide you with 10 Taggers but you can limit the length of the matches so you can easily involve dozens or more people in your laser tag event if you so choose.  After a couple of matches, participants are usually glad to have a breather before jumping in again.

Equipment Overview

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