Frequently Asked Questions

What is High Trek Laser Tag?
How is it different?

Laser tag has been around for over 30 years as a staple of family fun. Now High Trek Adventures puts a fresh spin on the old favorite. No longer do you need to be confined to a small indoor arena and wandering through black light mazes just shooting at everything that flashes. High Trek uses modern technology to make the game relevant to the generation of First Person Shooters. Players use cool looking battle rifles with holographic sights and recoil instead of flashy space phasors. There are no more heavy, sweaty vests either, they have been replaced with lightweight wireless headbands. The battlefields create an expansive environment with barricades and other natural elements that enhance the natural outdoor battlefield settings. The moment you walk in, you know this isn’t your daddy’s old fashioned laser tag. Gameplay has been updated too. Conquest, King of the Hill, and Search and Destroy are just a few of the tactical missions you will encounter. These missions are just like the ones found in modern video games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Halo, but at High Trek it is as real as it gets. You can play on a High Trek Battlefield with a group of friends, coworkers, your family, or come by yourself and join in with others. High Trek Laser Tag is great for players ages 7 to 80. If you want the most exciting birthday party or a company outing that won’t be forgotten, plan an event with High Trek Adventures.

Is there a height or age requirement?

While there is no specific requirement we do recommend 7 years old and up. Our laser tag was designed for adults… so the kids really love it! However some younger kids are not prepared for the intensity of the game or the dramatic music and lighting. We have had younger kids play and love it and we have had some scream and run out the door. The way we see it, you know your child better than we do so it’s really up to you. Keep in mind, there are no refunds so consider it carefully. A good rule of thumb is whether or not you would be comfortable with your child playing by themselves, without you being beside them.

How much does it cost and how long is a game?

We sell laser tag by the Session. A Session takes about a half hour and includes 2 different missions. A Session is $12 per person plus tax. Most people feel that a session is quite a workout but it is so much fun they want to go again.

How big is the battlefield or arena? What is it like?

There is a lot of flexibility with the size of area we play in. At High Trek Everett, we have a 1-acre field that allows us to play with up to 40 players at one time. That being said, with our mobile division, we can come to you and setup in gyms, small fields, barns, abandoned warehouses, pretty much only limited by the imagination.

Is it safe? Does it hurt?

One of the many benefits of laser tag is that you are not being struck by projectiles like paintballs, airsoft ammo, or even nerf darts. For this reason, laser tag has broad appeal. We have also added soft tips to the ends of our guns to protect against being struck with a hard object. Like any activity, it is important to follow all the instructions to minimize the risk of injury.

Do I need to make a reservation for Open Play?

No reservations are needed for Open Play Sessions. We will put you with the next available Session. If there is a wait it is normally less than half an hour. Before you play you will need to create your personal Callsign and log in then watch a short briefing video.

Will I be playing with other people?
Can my group play by ourselves?

If you really want to have a private experience you can either buy out the entire session or book a private group. Otherwise, you may be grouped with other participants. There can be players of a wide range of ages and abilities playing at the same time so we make every effort to ensure the teams are balanced and everyone has a great time.