Call Sign - Gamer Profile

When you create a CallSign you can track your activity at our battlefields.

Why should you have a CallSign?

Track Your Statistics

CallSign will track all of your statistics and you will be able to level up after earning enough XP. Track your accuracy and Kill/Death ratio. Earn medals.

Earn Rewards

When you Level Up you also can unlock rewards. Some rewards may include unlocking new weapons that you can use during game play. You can also earn free missions, discounts, snacks, and beverages.

Custom Avatar

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Receive Special Offers

When we create special promotions or hold special tournaments or events, we will notify our customers through the CallSign App.

Get Checked In Faster

When you setup CallSign and use the mobile app to enter the Game lobby, you can put yourself on deck and reduce the amount of time you need to wait to get into your first mission.

Download CallSign App

The app is available for Android and IOS, simply search for "CallSign" on your phone's AppStore.

Join The Ranks

Create your profile and upload an Avitar or take a photo.

Track your stats or join a game.

Once your CallSign is setup you can then enter the lobby for upcoming missions, check out your stats and medals, or view special messages and promotions.

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