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Team Building Packages

$ 35

per person

2 Hr Standard Package - 1 hour of team building activities and one hour of tactical laser tag

$ 45

per person

2.5 Hr Builder Package - 1.5 hours of team building activities and 1 hour of tactical laser tag

$ 55

per person

3 Hr Extended Play Package - 1 hour of team building activities and 2 hours of tactical laser tag

Bring your group to High Trek Laser Tag to synergize ideas, energize efforts, and synchronize planning and goals maximize results!!
Whether your group is a business, a department within a business, an athletics team, youth group or any other organization, High Trek Adventures’ Customizable Team Building Program is a great solution for building the communication patterns that lead to succes.
Our programs are designed to be self-driven so that you can receive the best value for your money.  Our hands-on facilitators will work with you to design a custom program that suits your team goals.  

Sometimes improving the little things can lead to big results. Communication, team camaraderie, cooperation, and trust are just a few of the areas that can be targeted. At HTA, you can select from our a-la-carte menu of 25 challenges to create the perfect program to meet your team's greatest needs head on.
Crystalize organizational leadership and let your “squadron” leaders lead. Whether you have new leaders for your teams or want to improve the effectiveness of current “captains”, our affordable self-driven program will improve their rapport as they provide instruction and guidance for the various HTV challenges.
Systematize your time at HTA. When you arrive all of the activities will be laid out and ready for your group. Our event leader will help divide you into your groups and will provide you with your schedule for the day and materials for each activity. During each activity your team leader will be provided with detailed instructions for that activity.
You can choose four primary areas you would like the activities to focus on from the following list:
Verbal Communication
Non-Verbal Communication
Problem Solving
Strategic Planning
Team Work
and Trust

Mill Creek Field - 600 128th St SE, Everett, WA 98208


Phone: (425) 201-0626